Services Offered

Our Approach
Residents receive a whole life experience, improving aspects of their physical, emotional and social well-being.  Individualized treatment programs are tailored to each resident, based on objectives identified by their physician and agreed upon by the resident and applicable family members.  Each resident has a variety of physical, spiritual, emotional and social needs.  Each resident is so unique that the goal of our caregivers is to be sensitive and responsive to the special requirements of each individual and family.

Long Term Care
We provide 24-hour care with awake overnight staff.  With our home-like environment that is safe and secure, your loved one will enjoy all we have to offer.  We have a full menu of nutritious meals, snacks and beverages with a dedicated staff to assure your needs are met. A personal care plan will provide direction to how your loved one will be cared for at Nurturing Care.

Dementia / Alzheimer's Care
Seeing loved ones forget all of the wonderful memories you shared together can be very difficult, and realizing that they may not even remember your name can be devastating.  In an already stressful situation, it is our goal to remove additional stress by providing compassionate care for people suffering from dementia-related illnesses.  This includes all stages of Alzheimer's Care.  Caregivers can provide assistance with restoring the simple pleasures of life, such as a walk in the park, a ride in the car to get ice cream or spending time with their favorite activity such as shopping.  These activities are proven to maximize abilities and independence so they continue to remain one of the best treatments for this disease.

Senior Day Care
Family members may feel reluctant to use adult day care services because they seem unfamiliar, or because a loved one is hesitant to try something new.  Participants benefit from socializing with others and receiving needed care services.  Family members benefit by getting a break from caregiving duties while knowing that a loved one is in good hands.

Respite Care
For many, the challenges of caring for a loved one are part of daily life.  Respite care provides a short-term break that restores energy, relieves stress, and promotes balance in your life.  We provide the same level of care on a short-term basis as we do for long-term, all within a comfortable home-like setting.

Hospice Services
Hospice emphasizes palliative rather than curative treatment; quality rather than quantity of life.  Professional medical care is given, and sophisticated symptom relief provided.  The patient and family are both included in the care plan and emotional, spiritual and practical support is given based on the patient’s wishes and family’s needs.  Caregivers can offer meaningful support to the patient.